Suspicions grow over Hynix role in Toshiba bid



This, of course, will lead to regulatory attention for the bid because Hynix is a competitor to Toshiba in the NAND market.

It also makes the Japanese government’s stated position that it is trying to prevent Toshiba’s technology leaking abroad, look flawed.

In addition it will infuriate Western Digital which already shares Toshiba’s technology via jv fabs and would not want to see their jv technology leaking to a rival.

There are now calls for transparency from Bain, Toshiba, Hynix and INCJ – the Japan government bail-out fund..

Reports say that INCJ will get the largest share of Toshiba despite putting in only $2.7 billion of the purchase price while Bain will put up $7.63 billion, with half of that coming from Hynix, in return for a smaller equity share.


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