The 10 best PC components of Computex 2018


Gigabyte, and by extension its Aorus brand, has made a name for itself with some of the best motherboards and graphics cards over the last decade or so. And, like many other hardware manufacturers, Gigabyte is branching out into RAM, so that its customers can have a consistent aesthetic in their builds. And, while we haven’t been able to test it ourselves yet, the simply named Aorus RGB Memory is looking like a winner. 

Not only is it speedy, but it features full RGB illumination. And, when we say ‘full RGB illumination,’ we mean it. The dual-DIMM kit actually ships with four sticks, two of which being dummy RAM units that don’t have any memory chips – they’re just there to make sure you don’t have any gaps in your lighting. Now, that’s what we call progress.


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