The best cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals in the US for August 2017


If you’re in the market for a new Galaxy S7 Edge, you might be in for an uphill battle. Some carriers are no longer carrying new units of the Galaxy S7 Edge, and other’s don’t have the best prices.

If you were hoping to get a quality Samsung experience at a reduced price, you’ll want to consider a used or refurbished unit, and we’ll include those deals here.

In some cases, if you want a new device, we may have to recommend going with Amazon’s great deal on the Galaxy S8 for $574, which can even beat some of the deals on its predecessor.

While some used and refurbished deals on the Galaxy S7 Edge can offer the lowest price, the best deal for a Galaxy S7 Edge is to actual skip right on past it an pick up a Galaxy S8 for $574 on Amazon.

Right now, the best deals from carriers are on used or refurbished models, or actual charge more for the older Galaxy S7 Edge than Amazon is currently charging for the newer, and by all means better, Galaxy S8.

You can check out the rest of the deals to see if any are a better fit for you.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals on AT&T

Unless you think it may be a collector’s item one day, there’s no good reason to buy the Galaxy S7 Edge from AT&T. At $23 a month for 30 months or $694, it costs much more than it ought to.

The Galaxy S8 is newer, faster, and better in just about every way, and can be purchased for over $100 less. 

If you really want to save money while sticking with the Galaxy S7 Edge, AT&T does offer a more fairly priced certified pre-owned model for $359. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Sprint

Sprint makes it easy to get a new Galaxy S7 Edge quickly. It only charges $30 up front and $10 a month after that for 18 months, with the option to upgrade to a new phone after 12 months with an additional fee of $5 per month.

Unfortunately, at the end of the lease, Sprint still wants way too much for the Galaxy S7 Edge. The full price of the device is $694, and to keep the phone at the end of the lease, you’ll have to pay the remaining cost.

You can save $50 on service with a promo Sprint is running for a free month of its Unlimited plan, but that still doesn’t make the price of a new Galaxy S7 Edge worth it at this point.

More Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals

If you lost track of the link, you can find the $574 Galaxy S8 deal here. If you were hoping to save a few bucks and get a great Samsung phone brand new, that’s probably going to be the best deal for you right now.

If you’re looking for bigger savings, used and re-certified Galaxy S7 Edge units are your best bet. You can also look for a better deal from some of the budget mobile carriers below.


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