This is the best Now TV deal you'll see this month from Sky – save 40% on Sky Cinema

Film fans, assemble! We’ve got an exclusive Now TV deal running this weekend that you won’t want to miss. Sky Cinema on Now TV has always been great value, but you can now save a whopping 40% on the usual monthly fee in a range of offers.

Now TV represents your chance to get access to Sky Cinema, without signing up to a lengthy Sky TV deal on contract. This puts you in control, especially as you can leave Now TV whenever you want. 

More to the point, Sky Cinema gets a new premier added every day. And given the quality and downright newness of the titles, there’s plenty to enjoy even if you already have Netflix or Amazon Prime.

You could be watching the likes of Wonder Woman, Transformers: The Last Knight, Despicable Me 3, Baby Driver, Fast & Furious 8 and more tonight.

This deal will run for this weekend only so if you’re interested, strike now!

TechRadar’s exclusive Sky Now TV deal:

Now TV Sky Cinema passes 40% off
You have multiple options available today, all of which save 40% on the usual price. Get a two month pass for just £11.99 (normally £19.98), four months for £23.98 (normally £39.96) or go the distance with six months reduced to a mere £35.96 (instead of £59.94). We don’t need to tell you that £35.96 wouldn’t get you too many trips to your local cinema these days.
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How do I watch Now TV?

With any luck, you’ll already have some tech at home that’ll let you play Now TV. If you have a fairly modern smart TV, fire it up and see if there’s a Now TV app, if you do, you’re all set. Otherwise you can login and watch on a computer or laptop (you could plug it into your TV too) or a mobile/tablet if you’re on the go. The last few PlayStation and Xbox consoles all have the Now TV app available as a free download too.

Still no luck? Not to worry, you can get a Now TV stick, for a paltry £14.99. This plugs into your HDMI slot on your TV and even comes with a voice-remote control. The Now TV stick will also let you use a bunch of free catch up services like iPlayer and All 4. We’ve included a list of the latest deals for the Now TV Stick below. If you’d like to check out some more deals on Now TV devices and passes for Sky Entertainment, Sky Kids and Sky Sports, head on over to our regular Now TV deals page.

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