Twitter is getting its own 24 hour news channel courtesy of Bloomberg


Last week Twitter announced it was making another big push into video, with plans afoot for a TV-style range of channels that users can tune into whenever they like through their phones or the Twitter website. Now we know more about one of the partnerships that’s going to be involved.

Bloomberg revealed to the Wall Street Journal that it’s going to be creating a 24-hour news channel specifically for Twitter, with a launch date pencilled in for sometime later this year. As yet the channel doesn’t have a name.

“It is going to be focused on the most important news for an intelligent audience around the globe and it’s going to be broader in focus than our existing network,” Bloomberg Media’s Justin Smith told the WSJ.

Tune in, tweet out

Apparently the channel is going to feature live news reporting as well as video content posted by users, as curated by Twitter staff. For both Twitter and Bloomberg, it’s a way to attract an audience that doesn’t necessarily watch TV in the traditional way any more.

Breaking news and video have been two of Twitter’s key strengths for some time now, and the platform has previously signed deals with sports franchises and other partners to push video content out to users. It also owns the Periscope app of course.

It’s also a potentially lucrative move for Twitter, who would be able to sell advertising alongside the news coverage provided by Bloomberg. We should get more details of when the channel’s appearing and how you can watch it in the next few days.


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