UK-based image processing firm acquired by Coretronic of Taiwan


The attraction of Calibre is its image processing technology branded HQUltra and its in-house R&D capabilities.

SY Chen, president at Coretronic, writes:

“Our strategy is to strengthen our position in display and image processing technology with a rich set of capabilities afforded by the Calibre team. This will help Coretronic Group with its plans to further advance in the pro-av markets as well as assisting with entry into the rapidly expanding direct-view LED display markets.”

This will allow Calibre to benefit from Coretronic’s sales coverage and growing professional audio/video channel sales, particularly in Asia, North America and Europe.

For almost three decades Calibre has has been developing image scaling and processing technologies for use in broadcast/television, digital cinema, medical, large venue projection, LED videowalls.

Calibre CEO, Tim Brooksbank

Calibre CEO, Tim Brooksbank

Calibre manufactures products under its own brand-names and has hardware and software design teams in the UK and Germany as well as UK-based manufacturing.

Former Calibre CEO, Tim Brooksbank will become managing director of Calibre UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coretronic.

“This opens up new opportunities for Calibre’s technology, products and staff as part of the worldwide Coretronic Group,” said Brooksbank.


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