#USAF F35 Lightning II and Boeing 737 Max 10 to fly @ParisAirShow


The Paris Air Show is coming soon to the skies of our Gallic pals across the English Channel, with a couple of notable planes to be spotted.

The US Air Force’s F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter is scheduled to appear at this year’s Show, with Lockheed Martin pilots performing the first aerial demonstration in the skies above Le Bourget.

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Another cloud-botherer to watch out for is Boeing’s 737 MAX 10, the aviation company’s new single-aisle workhorse people carrier, designed to counter strong sales of the Airbus A321neo.

Boeing forecasts global demand for 28,000 narrow-body jets worth $2 trillion by 2035 and over the next 20 years forecasts a need for over 39,600 new aeroplanes valued at more than $5.9 trillion.

Aviation is becoming more diverse, with approximately 38 per cent of all new aeroplanes being delivered to airlines based in the Asia region. An additional 40 per cent will be delivered to airlines in Europe and North America, with the remaining 22 per cent to be delivered to the Middle East, Latin America, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Africa.

Boeing’s Current Market Outlook, 2016-2035 predicts that single-aisle aeroplanes will command the largest share of new deliveries, with airlines needing over 28,100. These new narrow-body jets will continue to stimulate growth for low-cost carriers and will provide required replacements for older, less-efficient aeroplanes.

Also, 9,100 new wide-body aeroplanes will be delivered, which will allow airlines to serve new markets more efficiently than in the past.

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