Vayyar raises $45m


Vayyar will use the funds to expand into new industries, grow its global team and diversify its sensing product offerings.

“Our 3D imaging sensors transform elder care, autonomous vehicles, medical, agriculture, and retail by bringing innovative and exciting solutions to these markets,’ says Raviv Melamed, former vp of Intel’s archtecture group, currently co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Vayyar.

Vayyar’s sensors create a 3D image of everything happening around you in realtime, without the use of a camera.

Vayyar’s RF-based  sensors can see through solid objects, map large areas and can be used in privacy-sensitive locations where optics cannot.

Providing a look beyond human vision, Vayyar’s sensors have expanded across industry sectors, including smart home, automotive, retail, robotics, medical, construction, agriculture and more. Vayyar’s mission is to help people worldwide improve their health, safety, and quality of life. Because of the high demand for Vayyar’s technology by a wide range of industries, the company and its investors predict the need for the company to rapidly scale non-linear growth opportunities.



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