Vicor adds 20A device to 48V buck regulators


The PI352x range of 20A devices as to the existing 10A 48VIN PI354x products.

vicorThe PI3523 is a 48VIN, 3.3VOUT nominal buck regulator capable of supplying up to 22A. This family of regulators enables 48VIN to 20A point-of-load voltages spanning 2.2VOUT – 14VOUT.

This effectively means it can deliver twice the power of the PI354x regulators and uses only a 40% larger package.

The PI3523 requires only an output inductor and minimal passives for a complete cost effective design that consumes less than 740 mm2 of PCB space.

The regulators can be paralleled in combinations of up to three regulators, the PI352x regulators can be scaled to support higher current loads.


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