WhatsApp enables two-step verification for added security


Looking for a little more security in your digital life? If you’re a WhatsApp user, you’re in luck.

The messaging service has just turned on two-step verification for all its billion-plus users. Once you activate the optional feature, anytime you (or anyone else) tries to verify your phone number, a six-digit passcode created by yourself must also be entered.

To activate two-step verification, open WhatsApp, click on the Settings icon, then select Account. You’ll see a “Two-step verification” option – click on this, and press Enable if you wish to turn it on.

Once you’ve activated two-step verification, you’ll also have the chance to enter an email address. This is useful if you forget your passcode and need to disable two-step verification – just make sure it’s an active email address, or you could get locked out.

Safety first

WhatsApp warns that you can’t reverify your phone number within seven days of using the service without a passcode, and any pending messages will be lost once you get back into your account. 

Long story short  – do your best to remember those six digits. WhatsApp will help by asking you to enter your passcode every once in a while, a task you can’t turn off until you disable two-step verification. 

With hacks an ever-growing occurrence, this is just another step you can take to keep your private chats and information that much safer. Now, about WhatsApp’s incoming live location tracking feature

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