XJTAG extends test coverage with DFT services firm


hires_xjtag-flying-test-systems-partnership-2The firm’s will address the requirements of testing ball grid array (BGA) devices on dense boards. They believe that providing test coverage now requires a combination of test methodologies such as – JTAG boundary scan, bed-of-nails and flying probe machines.

Nigel Priest, managing director, Flying Test Systems, writes:

“Test engineers face increasing pressure with devices that have little or no access to their pins, and space for test points is under pressure. So we are constantly looking out for the best test solutions for our clients and found that XJTAG boundary scan offers great functionality that is priced competitively, user-friendly and comes with a flexible licensing model.”

XJTAG already works with a variety of test solution providers including flying probe vendors in order to offer a range of test capabilities.

High Wycombe-based Flying Test Systems offers electronic circuit board test and repair services, DFT consultancy services along with in-circuit, SPEA flying probe and bespoke functional test equipment for production.

Simon Payne, CEO of XJTAG, writes:

“Flying Test Systems have a large installed base of clients across defence, aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial & semiconductor throughout the UK. They understand the day to day challenges of test and can help find the right solution for testing electronics.”


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