You can now search and browse Gumtree within Facebook Messenger


Gumtree, Australia’s leading online classifieds site, has announced the implementation of Gumbot, a helpful Chatbot that will help you search and browse the site’s offerings from within the Facebook Messenger app.

According to Gumtree, the feature aims to simulate an actual human conversation between a potential customer and the site’s Facebook account. 

Users will be able to enter queries in the Gumbot chat window, such as ‘Search for Toyota in Newtown’ or ‘Search for BBQ in Manly’, for example. Gumbot will also be able to help you with login problems and forgotten passwords.

To access Gumbot, simply like Gumtree Australia’s Facebook page, then send it a message like you would with any user or page on the social network. 

If you’d still rather chat with a real person, then you should check out the Live Chat feature on Gumtree’s proper site to speak to a community support representative between the hours of 9am-9pm (AEST) on weekdays. 

While you’re there, you should also have a look at Gumtree’s new and improved Help Desk page.


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