YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign — here's what's changed


From music to live TV, YouTube has come a long way in twelve years. 

As YouTube continues to grow past being just a cat video/video blog emporium, the streaming site is also rolling out some changes to its appearance.

Starting today, the Google-owned video service his rolling out new changes to its user interface starting today, alongside a new logo designed to keep the brand legible across both desktop and mobile.

Starting on the mobile side, YouTube will now support vertical video, giving viewers a full-screen view without having to turn their devices sideways or deal with giant black bars on the side.

(Image: © YouTube)

Additionally, tabs for navigation and perusing content have also been re-arranged to make finding your favorite videos easier. 

For those who enjoy YouTube on desktop, the ability to control the playback speed of your video is also coming to mobile — a boon for those who may want to crunch an hour-long lecture video into a 30-minute crash course.

Speaking of desktop, the non-mobile version of YouTube is also getting a Material Design makeover for an overall cleaner, smoother look. 

One way overdue bonus of this new design is the “Dark Theme,” which turns the stark white background of the desktop site a dark shade of grey. 

While YouTube claims this creates a more “cinematic” experience, we just appreciate being able to cut down eyestrain from the searing white light whenever a friend sends us a must-see YouTube link late at night.

You can see exactly how YouTube will change for mobile and desktop (to include a peek at Dark Them in action) in the video below: