8GB of RAM? It could be ready in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung announced today that it is introducing a new generation of  dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) packages capable of 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM for mobile devices – both a first of its kind and a potential feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company’s next flagship smartphone.

What does that mean? According to Samsung, next-generation mobile devices outfitted with such a chip are better suited for tasks such as dual-camera use, 4K UHD playback, and virtual reality. (Daydream, anyone?)

Samsung also adds that its new RAM package can deliver could grant tablets the type of capacity to handle multiple operating systems via virtual machine operation – a feature oft considered exclusive to dedicated PCs.

Put me in, coach!

We don’t know exactly when the new 8GB memory chips will be ready for launch, especially considering that Samsung is sitting on a still-impressive 6GB RAM chip that’s yet to see play

However, signs point to the Galaxy S8 being quite the powerful handset, so whether it goes ham on the memory or plays it safe remains up in the air.

Samsung has been pushing a lot of power into little vessels lately, with such achievements this year including a 512GB SSD the size of a fingernail and a microSD card that holds as much as the average laptop.

Of course, in light of recent news, we would caution Samsung against being too hasty in pushing the envelope. Thankfully, RAM isn’t anywhere as volatile as lithium-ion batteries.


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