Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the US for June 2017


Believe it or not, there are cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the US if you look hard enough at carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

There are a bunch of Buy One Get One Free deals and American networks are also eager to pay off your Early Termination Fees (ETF). You can even get 50% a Galaxy S8 Plus contract, according to Sprint.

The best way to get the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus on a discount it to explore the links below and enjoy the newest and biggest flagship phone of 2017.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals

Don’t pay as much as $840 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at with Verizon if you don’t have to. There are better ways to save money on this phone, even if it’s still extremely expensive. The thing is, you won’t have to pay full price.

Samsung has cheap Galaxy S8 Plus for $474.99 is how much the Galaxy S8 Plus costs if you’re able to turn in a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in good working condition. Trade-ins are your best way to save on the S8 Plus..

T-Mobile has a Buy One Get One Free Galaxy S8 Plus deal that’s amazing for two reasons. First, is the obvious fact that you’re getting a $790 rebate on the second phone in the form of a prepaid Mastercard. Second is the fact that the first phone you’re paying for costs just $30 a month over 24 months, the same as the normal S8. Win, win.

Sprint is taking 44% off the Galaxy S8 Plus price, leaving you paying $0 down the first month and $19.80 in monthly payments over the course of 18 months with the option to upgrade after just 12 months. This is a good S8 Plus deal.

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals have to to materialize. You’ll be paying top dollar: As much as $35 month for the handset over two years. 

We’ll update our cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals page when anything changes.

More cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

Still not seeing the discount you want. There are more US carriers than AT&T, Verizon and the like. Here are some cheaper American networks with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals.


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