Best iPhone 8 cases: how to protect your all-glass iPhone


Suiting up your iPhone in a case used to be necessary for a variety of reasons. First off, you want to protect your investment from dings and scratches. Then, before the iPhone 7 arrived, there was the constant worry of dropping it in the sink, or worse, the toilet.

The iPhone 8 continues the water-resistant trail that its predecessor started, but due to its all-glass back, investing a case is basically a must. That is, unless you like spider web-like cracks putting splinters in your fingers.

We haven’t had a chance to test out any of the following iPhone 8 cases that we’re recommending and we’re not guaranteeing that all of them will be as protective or suave as they claim. However, once we do some testing, this list will become more definitive, so stay tuned.

1. Mujjo leather case

A stylish mix of form and function

Tight fight

Relatively inexpensive

Like won’t age gracefully

Doesn’t seem like it’ll protect the camera

If style is your modus operandi, the leather case by Mujjo should fit your tastes nicely. In terms of its looks, it’s reminiscent of Apple’s own leather case, but you know, it’s going for the much cheaper rate of about $38 (about £28, AU$47).

While it won’t be the most protective case, given that it doesn’t look to hug the camera unit closely, it’s probably not the wisest choice for those who like to take their phone out in the elements. That said, if you biff, you’ll really be going down in style.

2. LifeProof Fre

Colorful, rugged protection for your iPhone 8

Available in a few colors

Matches phone design

Might not fit everyone’s taste


If protecting your phone is your number one priority when investing a case, LifeProof’s signature offering looks to fit the bill with its colorful suite of cases.

By hugging around the back and security over the iPhone 8’s front, it protects its fragile glass build materials on every front. While it looks as much like an iPhone 6 as it does as 8 while covered it, at least you’ll still be able to take advantage of all the new features, like wireless charging and improved camera. The big downside is that this ruggedized case is nearly $100.

3. X-Doria Defense Clear case

Clear, form-fitting and to the point

Raised lip prevents screen scratching

Doesn’t totally mask phone’s design

Fairly bulking

Protection for your pricey iPhone 8 can come at a high cost, but it doesn’t have to. The X-Doria Defense Clear case costs less than most ruggedized cases.

One understated feature this one boasts is that it tucks the iPhone 8’s screen under a bit of its lip as to avoid scratching it on a table if you like to set your phone face down. This case is no frills, but if all you’re looking for is protection on the cheap, look no further.

4. Peel ultra-thin case

Minimalist design for your shiny, new iPhone 8

Amazingly low-profile

Available in many colors

Not super protective

Rather expensive for what it is

You’ll know immediately if this is the case for you with one look. Available for only the most visually pleasing flagship smartphones, Peel’s ultra-thin case is available in multiple colors and specializes at fitting closely to the design of the iPhone 8.

Although the design is clearly the highlight here, there are minor downsides that might impact your decision if you’re on the fence: it won’t protect the iPhone 8 against catastrophic damage and it isn’t the best value.

5. Rokform custom rugged case

Hearty protection with a dash of personalization

Seems very durable

Integrated magnet for easy mounting

Not the most elegant look

While most ruggedized cases come in pastel colors or camouflage patterns, Rokform’s iPhone 8 case lets you splash your own personal photo right onto it. This automatically makes it better than over half of the options on the market.

While the iPhone 8 will certainly lose a bit of its design luster while in the case, the added protection in addition to the built-in magnet for easy dash mounting makes this a case worth considering.

6. OtterBox Universe case

A modular case that suits many a need, for a price

Unique modular accessories


Gets expensive quickly

If you want a case that actually does something beyond just protecting your iPhone 8, the OtterBox Universe is probably what you’re looking for.

What more could a case do, you ask? As it turns out, a whole lot. Among the 10+ accessories available, there’s a vent mount kit, a speaker, a tripod attachment, a battery, a fish-eye camera and probably the most interesting, a credit card chip reader. To be frank, this makes the Moto Z’s mod selection like a little bare.


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