Cavium joins China Unicom for vBBU development



Thecompanies will work together on new innovative fronthaul solutions, system architecture vBBU performance and deployment.

This collaboration allows Cavium to align with China Unicom’s commercial networks technology development and innovation, research feasibility of Next Generation Virtualized Wireless Access Network, perform lab and field testing, evaluate results, drive deployment of developed technologies into commercial network, carry out lab and field performance test and assessment, accelerate pilot and application of new technical innovations in real-world networks.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with China Unicom in this critical area. As network capacity continues to be stretched and the user demands continue to grow the industry is faced with significant challenges which cannot be solved by traditional means,” says Cavium’s Raj Singh.

“Virtualized network based on general purpose hardware and open source technologies represents the overall direction for future network changes,” says China Unicom’s Dr. Tang Xiongyan.


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