CES 2017: What to expect at next year's massive tech show


Update: Dell teased on November 2 that it plans to unveil its vision for the future of desktops at CES 2017. Specifically, the computer giant looks set to unveil the Smart Desk, a PC with a knobby peripheral, second screen and plenty of room to work on – literally. Smart Desk is already drawing comparisons to Microsoft’s Surface Studio, so we’ll see which one comes out on top early next year.

Hear that? That’s the sound of CES, the biggest tech show on the planet, fast approaching.    

CES 2017 promises to live up to the Las Vegas expo’s reputation as the place to see what’s next in tech. Whether eye-popping TVs, futuristic electric cars, shiny mobile devices, mind-boggling virtual reality or amazing cameras, CES rarely disappoints when it comes to stuffing as much must-have tech as possible into one crazy week.   

The official CES 2017 dates are January 5 through January 8, though, like always, there will be plenty of pre-show announcements on January 3 and January 4. 

We’ve already heard whispers about what’s in store for the coming CES, and you’ll find the latest rumors and news detailed below. We also have our own expectations for the Vegas tech extravaganza, and have included these for your reading pleasure as well.