E2V K-Band DAC outputs 26.5GHz


E2V EV12DS460A

Called EV12DS460, conversion is 12bit at at 6Gsample/s guaranteed, with operation possible up to 7Gsample/s.

“Removing up-conversion stages in our customers’ systems operating up to K-band will help them simplify system design,” said company v-p semiconductors Laurent Monge.

7.5 GHz of analogue output bandwidth is available to -3dB, with 30ps rise and fall times.

RF signal synthesis up to 12GHz (X‐band) is supported, as is synthesis up to 24GHz with reduced output power.

“EV12DS460 contains the largest choice of DAC settings to optimise performance up to 26.5GHz,” said the firm. “It is also equipped with four different output modes [NRZ, RTZ, NRTZ and RF] allowing performance optimisations depending on the Nyquist zone of interest, and includes an option for program pulse shaping, making it proficient at handling the most specific of RF applications.”

Three rails are needed: 3.3V for logic, and 3.3V as well as 5V for analogue. Power dissipation is under 3W.

E2V EV12DS460APackage options include a 15 x 15m 1mm pitch FpBGA, and there are temp grades: 0-90°C, -40 to 110°C and -55 to 125°C – all three in both RoHS and non-RoHS versions.

SFDR at 6Gsample/s

Nyquist zone Output mode Frequency SFDR
NZ1 NRTZ 2940MHz 56dBc
NZ2 RF 5940MHz 58dBc
NZ3 RF 8940MHz 49dBc
NZ4 RF 11950MHz 49dBc
NZ7 RF 18070MHz 43dBc
NZ8 RF 23950MHz 38dBc


NPR with -14 dBFS loading factor

Nyquist zone Output mode NPR ENOB
NZ1 NRTZ 44dB 8.8bit
NZ2 NRTZ 39.5dB 8.1bit
NZ3 RF 36.5dB 7.6bit

An evaluation board is available, and application information – detailed down to the level of PCB layer thicknesses.


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