CES: Bosch aims at drones with tiny pressure sensor


Bosch BMP380 pressure sensor

Called BMP380, it is 2 x 2 x 0.75mm and “tests in real-life environments have verified a relative accuracy of +/-0.06hPa over a temperature range from 25°C to 40°C”, said the firm, equating this to +/-0.5m. “The sensor is more accurate than its predecessors.”

Measurement range is 300 to 1,250hPA, and absolute accuracy between 300 and 1100hPa is +/-0.5 hPa over 0°C to 65°C.

Pressure and temperature data can be stored in a built-in 512byte FIFO.  Power consumption is 2.0μA for 1Hz operation.

“The BMP380 is aimed at the gaming, sports and health management, as well as indoor and outdoor navigation,” said Bosch. In drones “altitude information is utilised to improve flight stability and landing accuracy. This simplifies drone steering, making drones attractive for a broader range of users”.

In fitness applications, the idea is to increase the accuracy of calorie estimation during walking, running and cycling by improving the measurement of height change – for which GPS is not perfect.




The sensor will be available to selected customers in Q2 of 2017.


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