Cyberattack on Debenhams exposes personal information of 26,000 customers


A malware attack on the website for the florist branch of the high street department store Debenhams has affected 26,000 customers.

The payment details, names and addresses of 26,000 customers have potentially been stolen in the attack carried out on Ecomnova, the third-party supplier of the Debenhams Flowers website.  

Ecomnova is also responsible for Debenhams’ websites for hampers, wines, and personalised gifts. All four of the websites have been suspended, although it is currently unconfirmed whether all have been targeted in the attack.

Data in danger

“All affected customers have been contacted by Debenhams to inform them of the incident,” the firm told Sky News.

“We are working with Ecomnova to ask the banks of those affected to block payment cards of those customers affected and issue customers with new cards.”

Over the last few years there have been several high profile cyber-attacks that have led to customers personal information being stolen. Last year Indian Banks was hacked leaving an estimated 3.2 million debit cards compromised, and phone network 3 had a breach to their update servers, where hackers got their hands on customer information and sent themselves new handsets. 

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