Download of the day – Float and Gloat


The premise of Float and Gloat is simple: point your mouse in the direction you want your little astronaut avatar to move and avoid the obstacles.

The reality, however, isn’t quite so straightforward. Rather than controlling the spaceman directly, you operate a square cursor attached to him via an invisible umbilical that stretches and bounces as he moves. 

Clicking your mouse will cause him to snap straight to the square’s position, helping you dodge obstacles, but watch out for wobbles that can send him off course. If you fail to control his ascent, the results aren’t pretty.

Float and Gloat was made in just three days for the Slime Jam 2000 competition. If you have a spare moment today, check out the other entries and vote for your favorite. 

You can play Float and Gloat in your browser, or download it as a desktop app for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Download here or play online: Float and Gloat

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