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The days when we did everything on a single computer are long gone. Today we’re flitting around between Macs and PCs and maybe Linux boxes too.

So how do you keep the stuff you need synchronized between all your machines?

Some operating systems have tried to address this by offering sync services, which automatically update files across your devices, but those services are often tied to a particular platform – so for example OneDrive works on PCs and Macs but not officially on Linux, and iCloud doesn’t really care about anything that isn’t a Mac. Enter FreeFileSync.

Why you need it

FreeFileSync is open source and cross platform, with versions available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and with support for external devices such as Androids and iPhones, tablets and even digital cameras.

It’s extraordinarily capable, customizable and programmable via macros, and its licence is free not just for home use, but commercial use too.

The only limitation is your system memory, so if you plan to sync more than 1.7 million files at once you’ll need a device with more than 1GB of RAM. We don’t think many people will need to worry about that.

Download here: FreeFileSync


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