Instagram's next rumored feature could be a foodie's dream


Instagram is looking to do more for advertisers than unveiling new filters, as the Facebook-owned service will soon allow users to use the picture sharing site to also book appointments with local businesses.

The feature would allow the 8 million-plus businesses that use Instagram to attract customers to get more use out of social media network, according to Bloomberg.

The new feature appears to be as straightforward as reserving a table for two at 7pm or squeezing in a trim at a local barber with simple interactions on the Instagram app – a boon to those looking for more customers than “likes.”

Instagram plans to roll out this feature in the coming months, with the service also reportedly giving some thought to adding reviews and other business-minded tools. 

Instagram head of business James Quarles says that 80% of the site’s users follow a business of some kind, making it logical to have the service shift focus to local shops and not just Spring Break selfies and food pics.

Additionally, these features effectively pit Instagram with other long-standing reference sites like OpenTable and Yelp, making it all the more interesting to see what direction Facebook takes its filter-flipping service going forward. 


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