iPhone X: will this be the new name for the iPhone 8?


Update: An iOS developer has claimed to have found mentions of iPhone X within the new iOS 11 software that suggest this may be the name of the next iPhone. Read on below to see why we suspect it may be time for Apple to release an iPhone X.

The next iPhone announcement date is mere days away with Apple holding an event on September 12, but it may be the heavily rumored, high-end iPhone 8 is getting a name change.

There are rumors for the iPhone Edition doing the rounds, but other rumors are also reporting the phone will be called the iPhone X.

Below we discuss what name we expect the next iPhone to have and see whether it’s likely we’ll be seeing lots of adverts and retail boxes covered with iPhone X in the coming months.

iOS 11 says so

iOS tinkerer Steven Troughton-Smith has claimed to have found mentions of the iPhone X within the next version of Apple’s software.

Troughton-Smith tweeted that the three new handsets from Apple will be called the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. He believes the phone codenamed D22 will be the iPhone X, which is expected to be the most expensive and bezeless handset.

This is nearly final software for iOS but Apple may decide to change its mind before the September 12 launch date or it could even be a leftover mention to the wrong name. 

On the other hand, iOS 11 isn’t the first time we’ve heard the name iPhone X used…

X marks the box

The latest evidence of the iPhone X has appeared in the form of a retail box with the new name emblazoned on the side. It’s apparently from Dutch telecom provider KPN, and was accidentally sent to LetsGoDigital.

The image below has since been removed by the source website upon request, but as this is the internet we’ve still got a look at the reported iPhone X box below.

The leaked iPhone X box (credit: LetsGoDigital)

Something is a little strange about this story as the box has since been pulled, but the site originally reported it was sent by a marketing agency ready for an advertorial piece. 

Apple releasing this kind of image early before the event is unprecedented and is a strange leak.

This comes as extra fuel for the iPhone X flames as we’ve already seen the name before as Twitter leaker Evan Blass believes it’ll be called this rather than the iPhone 8.

Blass hasn’t shared anymore details on what he thinks the iPhone X will eventually be called though.

What’s in a name?

The name iPhone X does make sense considering Apple is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone this year, but it’s also not very like Apple to use letters without numbers.

iPhone Edition is another name we’ve heard rumored for the next phone from Apple, which would make more sense as the company has previously stocked a product called the Apple Watch Edition.

We won’t know the official name for the new phones until next week at the event on September 12, where we also expect to see the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, Apple Watch 3 and perhaps even a 4K Apple TV.