It’s easy to see why Apple invested billions in LG’s OLED facility


Apple is reportedly investing nearly $3 billion in a new LG facility and it’s easy to see why. 

Said facility will make OLED displays, and an investment from Apple is said to cover a steady supply of OLED display technology starting in 2019, which would be the point we’d expect to see the iPhone 9.

However, this could also be part of a deal to improve supply for its upcoming iPhone 8, which is rumored to be using OLED tech but also apparently struggling to get enough panels made to create the same level of stock as ‘normal’ iPhones.

This move from Apple comes months after LG put in $4 billion of its own in a bid to become a secondary supplier for the electronics giant. 

However, given Apple’s recent support, it looks like it soon may be the primary as the brand looks to shore up supply to be able to meet demand for future generations of iPhone user.

The OLED-powered iPhone future

Of course, it’s not just Apple using OLED displays in the smartphone market, that is, if it does adopt the tech. Many of its competitors are already on board with it, given its favorable efficiency and picture quality over LCD. 

As we’ve heard frequently of late, the use of OLED is on the rise, though its supply is becoming increasingly more difficult as more brands want to use the tech.

So far, we don’t know if a global OLED shortage is going to cause a delay for the iPhone 8, as has been rumored, or that’s to blame on something else entirely

Though if that becomes the case, Apple’s supposed investment in LG would be a means to make sure there’s less likely to be another shortage.

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