LG's making three roof-shaking soundbars and a 400-watt Bluetooth speaker


While LG’s OLEDs might end up stealing the entire show, the South Korean manufacturer also has some pretty cool innovations in its audio department this year – including three new soundbars and one 400-watt Bluetooth speaker. 

The soundbars include the LG SJ9 Sound Bar, LG SJ8 Sound Bar and LG SJ7 Sound Bar that can break apart and can be arranged in a stereo setup. The SJ9 on the other hand offers Dolby Atmos support alongside 24-bit Hi-Res Audio, while the SJ8 opts for a more low-profile approach and sits at just 1.5 inches tall.

The SJ8 and SJ9 will offer 4K signal pass through, 4K high resolution audio and, if you needed a cherry on top, will include Google Cast support which allows you to send audio streams from your phone directly to the speaker. 

The SJ7 is a bit different. While it can’t offer 4K passthrough or awesome 24-bit/192KHz up-conversion, it does snap in half for stereo sound or simulated surround sound. You achieve the latter, LG says, by placing one of the speakers behind where you’re sitting while the other sits directly in front of the TV. The speakers connect wirelessly, which means you won’t need any ugly cords cluttering up your pristine home theater setup. 

The two final announcements LG’s audio department is making for CES are the FJ7 portable speaker – a 400-watt powerhouse portable speaker – and two LOUDR full-size speakers. 

All three of these products will be a bit on the larger side (think guitar amp size) which means they’re likely more suited for your next basement rave rather than a picnic at the beach. Still, a little versatility in products never hurt anyone.

All of the above will be available to demo at LG’s booth here at CES 2017 or, if you’re not lucky enough to join them here in Sin City, will be available to purchase later this year. 


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