MacBook Pro’s battery life problems could have a logical explanation


Though the latest in Apple’s laptops, the MacBook Pro has had a rocky reception since its reveal back in October.

It appears one of the more common critiques – a not-so-beefy battery – may have been fixed by Apple if it had more time, but wasn’t solved in order to make its expected ship date, according to Bloomberg.

Sources cited in the report claim that Apple had been planning on using a higher-capacity battery for their professional mobile laptop, but has forced to go back to an older design after the newer battery failed a key test.

Given how pushing uncertainty with high-capacity batteries is a risky game, (just ask Samsung how the Galaxy Note 7 is doing) the decision may have been a safe move on Apple’s part – even if it wound up cutting some customer’s expectations short. 

While it’s worth keeping ‘grain of salt’ levels of skepticism concerning Bloomberg’s report, there’s no denying that competition is starting to nip on Apple’s heels in the territory that once exclusively its own.  

MacBook Pro-vention

While bringing new features like an innovative Touch Bar and super-clear speakers to the party, the lack of certain ports in favor of USB-C and a less-than-stellar battery life (on top of a buggy battery life meter) caught the ire of many creatives and professionals that once called Apple’s ecosystem home.

Microsoft did not hesitate to capitalize on this, calling out the MacBook Pro as a “disappointment” and attributing its failure to connect with its established market as the drive behind the company’s own success with the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Criticisms aside on what could have been, the MacBook Pro still holds ample promise. The question is: In a post-iPhone 7 and iPad Pro world, will Apple put its professional laptop market on back burner?


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