Project Scorpio will definitely do native 4K gaming says Xbox exec


Looking for a console to pair with your new 4K TV, but not quite sure about the (admittedly impressive) upscaling techniques employed by the majority of PS4 Pro games? The Xbox “Project Scorpio” follow-up may provide the answer.

Looking to clarify rumors regarding a string of leaks around this year’s new Xbox console, Microsoft’s gaming chief Phil Spencer moved to clear up any confusion surrounding its resolution capabilities.

When asked if the console would be capable of running games at a native 4K resolution, he replied with a simple “Yes.”

Resolution arms race

The tweet followed the discovery of a whitepaper pertaining to the next Xbox‘s graphical capabilities, which seemed to lean towards the future Microsoft console predominately using checkerboard-style upscaling techniques.

But in a follow-up tweet, Spencer stressed that the team’s focus right now is just making the Scorpio’s games great.

“Honest my focus is just on getting games ready to show and play,” he said. “That will be the explanation. I’m confident in the results.”

Microsoft’s marketing team has previously suggested that all first-party titles being produced in the run up to Scorpio’s release will have to push for a native 4K standard. Spencer’s comments, though brief, still maintain this aim.


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