Seagate's 2TB Game Drive for PS4 makes going all-digital a breeze


Easily one of the biggest challenges of ditching physical media on a gaming console is not even getting a fraction of the games you want onto your machine’s hard drive before it maxes out.

To help make developing your digital library and clearing space on your media shelf easier, Seagate is announcing the Seagate Game Drive for the PS4.

The new drive provides players up to 2TB of storage (approximately over 50 games) separate from their console without any complex setup.

Easy does it

Releasing later this month, the PS4 Game Drive is approved by Sony and sets up in less than three minutes. 

Unlike risky and/or expensive modding to install a bigger hard drive into your PS4 — which used to be the only way to boost storage until the 4.50 firmware update— the Game Drive doesn’t require tools or void the PS4 warranty, according to Seagate.

Additionally, the external hard drive is powered by USB 3.0, meaning it doesn’t need a separate power source and can stream data at high enough speeds so you won’t feel like you’re playing off an external source.

While Seagate’s much larger 8TB Game Drive Hub for Xbox One owners was also just announced, the Game Drive for PS4 makes up in portability and a reduced cost — netting a price tag of $89.99 (about £70 / AU$120) compared to the massive Game Drive Hub’s $199.99 (about £160 / AU$265).

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