The best cheap PS4 deals and bundles in August 2018


The video game release schedule may have slowed down for the summer months (and it actually does look like summer outside this year!), but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find a cracking PS4 deal if you’re yet to pick up the console. And yes, that includes PS4 Pro deals too. 

And now that summer has arrived, other retailers have been dropping their prices to fiercely compete for your custom . We’ve looked through all the latest deals to bring you the most up-to-date selection of PS4 bundles on the net.

Naturally, you’ll be wanting some games with your shiny new PS4 Slim, so we’ve included bundles with discounted software including the likes of God of War, Fortnite, Call of duty: WWII, Crash Bandicoot Trilogy and more.

On this page we’ve listed the best cheap PS4 deals in the UK (here’s our US page and our Australian page) so you can find all of the cheapest PS4 prices. Below you’ll find all of the absolute cheapest standalone PS4 deals from UK retailers, followed by our pick of the extras-packed PS4 bundles that offer the best value and discounts.

The PS4 is currently available in a number of different forms. Directly below, you’ll find the best deals for the new PS4 Slim which has come in to replace the original model with a slimmer design – we generally no longer list prices for the older PS4 as the Slim is cheaper nowadays and an improved piece of kit. After the PS4 bundles you’ll see the latest deals for the PS4 Pro – the newer fancy 4K model (here’s the lowdown on the differences).

cheap ps4 slim deals

The best cheap PS4 deals

The PS4 Slim is… slimmer, quieter and smaller

The new PS4 Slim launched in September 2016 for around £259 (500GB) or £310 (1TB) and has now replaced the original fatter PS4. The new console is smaller, lighter, more power efficient and is priced cheaper than the remaining stock of the older PS4 nowadays, so you’re not paying more for the refined tech. We’d advise you check out the cheap PS4 bundles further down this page as many of them are cheaper than buying the console on its own or you can get a lot more for a spending a bit extra on top.


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