The best Xbox One deals in October 2016


Now updated with Xbox One S deals

There are lots of great Xbox One deals at the moment and you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the lowest possible prices!

Retailers are discounting the console all over the place, offering increasingly low prices for standalone consoles while putting together better and better bundle packages with games and services, to make way for the new Xbox One S model. Speaking of which, retailers are already slashing prices, adding discount codes and bundling in games for some super cheap Xbox One S deals and we’ve tracked down the very best of them in our extensive Xbox One S bundle guide too.

On this page you’ll find our editor’s picks for the hottest Xbox One bundle deals of the week, as well as the cheapest overall prices for standalone consoles. To be honest, we regularly see bundles priced cheaper than standalone consoles.

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cheap xbox one s deals

Xbox One S console

Before we take a look at the bundles, you may want to consider the new Xbox One S. The slimmed-down design looks much better than the original chunky box and the power brick has been absorbed. The main draw though is 4K visual support meaning you’ll be able to watch specialised Blu-Ray and Netflix content in 4K on your new 4K TV.

UPDATE: The 2TB Xbox One S has sold out in the UK (overpriced scalpers notwithstanding). Microsoft has said no more stock is coming in the near future. So your 2TB options are: import one from Europe or the US (and buy a new power cable and be stuck with no UK Blu-ray movie support) or hold off and wait for the 2TB Gears of War 4 edition in October.

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The best Xbox One bundle deals this week…

Xbox One deal of the week

500GB Xbox One | FIFA 17 | Mafia 3 | Gears of War 4 | Forza Horizon 3 | Halo 5 | £277.49 @ Tesco
Holy deals, Batman! Seriously, we’d be surprised to see a Black Friday Xbox One deal that matches this five game beast. When clicking through, you’ll find the FIFA Xbox One S bundle, add that, then add the other games manually and they’ll discount down to £277.49, saving you nearly £100.

View this deal: 500GB Xbox One S with FIFA 17, Mafia 3, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Halo 5 £277.49 @ Tesco

500GB Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | Gears of War 4 | Now TV | £249.99 @ Game
Game isn’t letting Tesco completely own this Xbox One deals page this week thanks to this tempting bundle. This is a tenner cheaper than Tesco’s similar offer and Game is chucking in a three month Now TV entertainment pass too.

View this deal: Xbox One S with FIFA 17, Gears 4 and Now TV £249.99 @ Game

cheap xbox one deals

500GB Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | £237.49 @ Tesco
While we’d opt for the deal above over this one first, this is the next best deal this week. For just £237.49 you can get the new Xbox One S console with FIFA 17, which is the best price around by some distance. Alternatively, get the same deal with an extra controller (white) for £265.23 (scroll down on Tesco’s page to see this offer).

Update: Amazon has price-matched Tesco’s offer for the FIFA bundle.

xbox one s deals

500GB Xbox One | £219.99 @ SimplyGames
Don’t want FIFA 17, but do want a brand new 500GB Xbox One and save a few quid at the same time? This standalone Xbox One S deal is £19 cheaper than the FIFA bundle and shouldn’t be missed. We haven’t actually seen any other standalone 500GB Xbox One S deals this week.

View this deal: Xbox One S £219.99 at SimplyGames

prime day deals

prime day deals

cheap xbox one deals

500GB Xbox One S | FIFA 17 | 2 year guarantee | £239 @ John Lewis
The Sainsbury’s offer above is a bit cheaper, but we’re highlighting this John Lewis Xbox One S deal thanks to their two year guarantee. It was largely considered that the new 500GB Xbox One S model would be around £250, so it’s a great bonus to see FIFA 17 getting bundled in for FREE.

View this deal: 500GB Xbox One S with FIFA 17 £239 at John Lewis

Alternatively, get the Xbox One S, FIFA 17, Minecraft and an extra controller for £269.99 at Smyths.

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500GB Grey or Blue Xbox One S with FIFA 17 | £249.99 @ Microsoft
These special edition consoles provide attractive alternative colours for the new Xbox One S. The Storm Grey or Deep Blue consoles are both available through the link below with a digital copy of FIFA 17.

View these deals: Grey or Blue 500GB Xbox One S with FIFA 17 £249.99 @ Microsoft

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blue xbox one s deals

500GB Blue or Grey Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 | £249.99 @ Microsoft
Prefer Battlefield 1 to FIFA 17? You can can pick between the cool Deep Blue (teal?) or slightly depressing Storm Grey options via the link below.

View these deals: Grey or Blue Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 £249.99 @ Microsoft

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xbox one s bundles

1TB Xbox One S | Gears of War 4 | £299.99 @ Microsoft
Gears of War 4 should be high on the must-buy list of any new Xbox One S owner. So this is an ideal bundle, especially if some of the other bundled games like FIFA 17 or Battlefield 1 don’t take your fancy. Note: Click the 1TB option to see this deal as the link defaults to the more expensive 2TB option.

UPDATE: You can now add Forza Horizon 4 or Dead Rising 4 to this deal at checkout for an extra £20 (half price).
View this deal:
1TB Xbox One S with Gears of War 4 £299.99 @ Microsoft

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Military Green 1TB Xbox One S | Battlefield 1 | £269.99 @ SimplyGames
Wow, that’s £30 cheaper than the next best deal! This Xbox One bundle sees the new Xbox One S console and controller given a Military Green makeover to celebrate the release of Battlefield 1. Better yet, this Xbox One S deal includes a digital copy of Battlefield 1: Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, which has loads of bonus DLC. With this version of the game costing close to £70 when bought separately, this really is a great deal.

View this deal: 1TB Xbox One S and Battlefield 1: Early Enlister Deluxe Edition £269.99 @ SimplyGames
Alternatively, through this link you can opt for a white 500GB Xbox One S with a standard edition version of Battlefield 1 for £249.99.

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cheap xbox one deals at currys

Xbox One | Quantum Break | £249 @ Microsoft
This was £199 recently, so we’d seriously consider opting for the new version of the console instead and picking up the game separately. Quantum Break is a fun narrative-driven action shooter and one of the console’s best exclusives yet.

View this offer: Xbox One with Quantum Break £249 at Microsoft
Alternative offer:
White 500GB Xbox One with Quantum Break £229.99 @ Game


cheap xbox one deals at amazon

Xbox One | Kinect camera | 3 Kinect games | Now £249.99 @ Microsoft
Retailers are shifting their remaining Kinect Xbox One bundles lately, which means some great discounts. This was £300 not so long ago.You’re getting a 500GB console with a Kinect camera and Kinect Sports Rivals, Zoo Tycoon and Dance Central spotlight for £249.99.

View this deal: Xbox One with Kinect and three games £249.99 at Microsoft


cheap Xbox One deals at Rakuten

1TB Xbox One Elite bundle | Elite controller | Now TV pass | £300 @ Game
Want to join the Xbox One world in style? This Xbox One Elite bundle comes with the 1TB model which is much more manageable for those huge install sizes than the default 500GB. You’ll also get your hands on the highly sought after Elite Xbox One controller and a Now TV pass.

View this offer: Elite 1TB Xbox One and Elite controller bundle + Now TV pass £300

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You may also be interested in:

500GB Xbox One S, FIFA 17, Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition and Now TV £260 at Game

1TB Xbox One S, FIFA 17, Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition, extra white controller, 3 months gold sub £370 at Game

Red Gears of War 4 themed Xbox One S 2TB – £400

Xbox Live deals

Xbox Live sub: Need to top up your Xbox Live Gold membership? Don’t pay the default automatic renewal price, head on over to CD Keys, where you can usually get a great 12 month Xbox Live Gold deal for cheaper than anywhere else.

Xbox One controller deals

Xbox One controller – £36.99 @ Game

Blue Xbox One controller – £49.99 @ Microsoft

Dawn Shadow (Magenta) Xbox One controller – £54.99 @ Microsoft

Dusk Shadow (Blue) Xbox One controller – £54 @ Tesco

Copper Shadow Orange Xbox One controller – £47.85 @ SimplyGames

NEW VERSION Xbox One controller (White) – £44.85 @ ShopTo – Save £5

Elite Xbox One controller – £105 @ Amazon – Save £15

Gears of War 4 themed Elite Xbox One controller – £159.99 @ Microsoft

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