The latest Google Pixel 2 leak shows off its big camera


As the inevitable launch of the Google Pixel 2 nears, yet another leak has surfaced. This time, the smaller Walleye model makes an appearance in a series of heavily blurred images. Well, parts of the rumored device.

A source has come forward with leaked images that show off select chunks of the device’s front and back. Of what we can actually make out that isn’t obscured is the phone’s front-facing camera, which looks to be in a similar location to last year’s Google Pixel

Reminiscent in design to the Google Nexus 6P, the new leak shows off one of the Google Pixel 2’s two front-facing speakers in the photo.

Credit: 9to5Google

Flipped over on its back, the fingerprint sensor pokes through the blur, showcasing a grey color flanked by what looks to be black aluminum. 

Up top, the camera is in a familiar location to today’s Pixel devices: offset to the right and stuck next to a flash on its left. 

The big differences here are the sheer size of the sensor. It’s quite a bit larger, to the point that it’s protruding from the chassis and looks to mirror the overall shape of the fingerprint sensor. That, and the array of various sensors is now located beneath the flash.

A Pixel-dense leak

According to this source, which 9to5Google claims is reputable, both the Walleye and Taimen models will ship with IP68 waterproofing, a highly desired feature that’s been mulled over in the rumor mill for some time.

One bit of disappointing news is that this source has also confirmed that both models will skip the 3.5mm headphone jack. Interestingly, they stated that Google is currently devising “damage control” ideas as to how it can allay the inevitable fury of port purists upon the Pixel 2’s announcement.

It’s possible that it might do just this with the rumored Google Assistant headphones that could be tossed in the box, or maybe it will double-down on its commitment to high-quality wireless audio codecs – one of the big benefits coming with Android Oreo.

Each leak pieces the new Google Pixel 2 together a little more, and if the rumored October 5 launch date is true, we don’t have all that long to wait and see these highly anticipated phones ourselves.


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