Toyota is hoping the 2020 Olympic Torch will be lit from its flying car


Toyota has started funding a company that is aiming to create a flying ‘car’ that will kick off the festivities in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics. The aim is that a driver will light the Olympic cauldron from the flying vehicle.

It’s an important moment in every Olympic ceremony, when the flame that has been constantly lit since the start of the Olympic Torch relay in 1936 finally arrives in the host city. 

Each country’s opening ceremony is an extravaganza, reflecting the culture of the country hosting the ceremony. Japan seems to be going full force with its representation of its technological innovations with this seriously out-there vehicle.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

The ‘car’ isn’t technically a car – it’s essentially a drone that someone can sit in. And if that sounds pretty precarious, that’s because it is. The company – Cartivator Resource Management – had a trial flight recently that they invited The Associated Press to, and you can see the results of this test below: