Watch the BlackBerry KeyOne utterly fail a bend test like its an iPhone 6 Plus


BlackBerry KeyOne is a great phone for anyone who has ever said ‘I miss my old BlackBerry’ but they may want to be extra cautious with the screen.

The new BlackBerry has a display that pops out more easily than it should, according to a new bend test YouTube video from JerryRigEverything.

It’s a screen detachment problem we’ve seen from other users on message boards. Dropping the phone from small distances is enough to do it.

The problem? It’s not exactly like iPhone 6 Plus bendgate, which occurred due to weak aluminum. The issue here appears to come down to glue, or lack thereof.

While most phones secure the screen in place with adhesive, the BlackBerry KeyOne display – at least in these instances – seems to be attached glue-free.